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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Native Indians fight eviction

An Indian community of 30 that claim to have lived in the abandoned Indian Museum since 2006 are afraid they may be forced to leave their home due to World Cup constructions and renovations of the Maracana soccer stadium next door. A parking lot for 10,000 cars was planned for the spot where the Indians are living, according to the Rio de Janeiro state government.
A Brazilian native Indian boy balances on a swing at the Indian
Museum in Rio de Janeiro
A native Indian paints his face at the Brazilian Indian Museum in
Rio de Janeiro
Supporters of Native Indians observe police officers from the top of
the Brazilian Indian Museum.
A Native Indian holds a bow and arrow as he watches police from the roof.
Native Indian lawyer Arao da Providencia is arrested in front of
the Brazilian Indian Museum.
A Native Indian leaves the Brazilian Indian Museum after a deal
with the authorities.
Native Indians react inside a municipal vehicle after leaving the
Brazilian Indian Museum, after a deal was made with authorities.
A Brazilian Indian girl from the Guajajaras tribe sits in a hammock.
Brazilian Indians attend a ceremony at the Brazilian Indian Museum.

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